Statement of Need

A Community Needs Assessment of the Evansville Tri-State Affiliate service area has determined that there is a significant need for:

1. Screening & Diagnosis – Projects focusing on access to breast cancer screening programs and breast cancer diagnostic services.  Those with an emphasis to increase the screening rates within the African American and Hispanic communities, underinsured, other high-risk populations and the rural areas of Illinois.  Those intended to aid in the discovery of breast cancer at an earlier stage and decrease the mortality rate.

2. Treatment – Projects focusing on breast cancer treatment services for medically underserved women.  Those that have priority will maximize coverage of breast health services for those who do not have the ability to pay.

3. Education – Projects focusing on individual and group breast health awareness education programs.  Those targeting the rural and minority populations with an emphasis to increase awareness of breast health issues.  Programs for underserved women who do not have an adequate understanding nor are aware of the programs available in their area to obtain services.

4. Support Services – Projects focusing on providing needed support services to medically underserved persons who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  This could include transportation assistance or other medical support services.

Community Profile

The Community Profile is a needs assessment document that provides an overview of Komen’s grant-making priorities and the breast health needs in our service area.

While there is a myriad of programs and services to promote breast health, women who are poor or underinsured continue to face significant barriers to obtaining care.  The Affiliate’s current grant strategy of funding screening and treatment, while promoting education efforts appears aligned with the communities perceived needs.

Drawing from the profile, Komen Evansville Tri-State has identified the following funding priority areas:

Priority 1: Increase the screening rates within the Downtown Evansville area and the most rural areas of Illinois in order to discover breast cancer at an earlier stage and decrease mortality.

Priority 2: Increase education efforts to build awareness of breast health for those underserved women who are not aware of available programs and services. Maximize the partnerships and relationships with community education sources so that we can reach more people with breast health and early detection education.

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