I am the Daughter

I am the Daughter Aleesi

She’s more than my mom……. She’s BEAUTIFUL, She’s STRONG, She’s HUMBLE, She’s KIND

Growing up with my mom was always an adventure. When your mom is a teacher, things are always fun. Having a strong, humble woman to grow up and model myself after was a blessing and helped cement my decision to follow in her footsteps professionally and choose a career in education. I remember, in 3rd grade, taking a trip with my mom and her students to New York and Niagara Falls. I was, without a doubt, the coolest kid on that trip, because me and my mom had matching sweatshirts!  She’s more than my mom….. she’s my friend….. she’s my rock…..she’s my cheerleader…… she’s my HEART.

When my mom was diagnosed one year ago, our world was shattered. I was scared for my mom, I was scared for my family, I was scared for me. I lived in Indy, she lives in the Tri-State.How can I be there for her like she was always there for me? Nothing would stop me from being fully present for her and this fight. It was my job to be her cheerleader…. It IS my job to lift her up with words and inspiration, even on the days she feels down and defeated. I will not let this monster defeat us! She is strong, but together, we are STRONGER!

I look forward to my mom spending time with my 3 children. I love watching Nana and her “babies” together. There are so many adventures that lie ahead. We are resolute and will not stop fighting for more days together as a family. Even though we are miles apart, I will always be here for her. This fight has temporarily taken her physical strength, but emotionally and spiritually…. she is, and will always be a fighter. Fighting for the cures, and fighting to educate us all, and especially the African- American community on the importance of early detection and getting your yearly mammograms. Breast Cancer is the leading cause of cancer among African American women, and it is our goal to share mom’s story with anyone who will listen.

My mom has a new attitude and I have a new admiration of her as she continues her fight. Tomorrow isn’t promised friends, live every day as if it were your last!

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