I Am the Husband

I am the Husband Kevin
TWO DAYS…… TWO days till I marry this beautiful woman. TWO days till we begin our lives together as a family. In only 48 hours……our lives will be wonderful. Together. I know it.

                TWO days……it’s almost here. TWO days….I can’t believe it’s happening. TWO days….. we’ve got to finish setting up.  TWO days before our wedding, sitting at the doctors office, I heard the words that almost shattered our dreams…..

 “Kristin, You have Cancer.

                Rocked to our core, facing the unknown and starting a new life together….. what does this mean? I can’t lose her! We are just starting…..we have plans….. adventures…. Our future….. our son………….

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma was the diagnosis two years ago, two days before our wedding day, that rocked our world and put an air of uncertainty over the start of our lives together. I knew I loved Kristin, but THAT was the day that solidified my commitment because, in that moment….. the scariest thing was not her cancer fight, not OUR fight against this monster, but the thought of NOT spending a long future with this amazingly strong and beautiful woman.

Our journey has been a rough one, but there is nothing I wouldn’t do for Kristin. Going through this fight together, has created a stronger bond between us, emotionally and spiritually. We were blessed to have the support of our friends, family, wonderful teams of doctors, nurses and the whole community. I have watched Kristin become a great ambassador to other survivors and fighters in the Tri-State area. She is always willing to share her time, advice and comforting words, because she wants to help as many people as possible… Kristin has the biggest heart of anyone you will ever meet! I am so proud to be her husband.

                Her fight, OUR fight has been arduous, full of many highs and lows, but here we are 2 years later, looking forward to the bright future ahead. We look forward to those adventures together as a family. We look forward to watching our son grow into a wonderful young man…. With lots of little boy comic relief along the way! We are beyond grateful that we are fortunate to have more days to look forward to Too many do not have that opportunity.

Please Join us in the Fight! Register today for the 2016 Race for the Cure.  To Help Kristin reach her fundraising goal for the Race click here.