I am the Son – Corbin

I am the Son Corbin

In March 2014, we were riding to school when I saw a billboard….. “Mom… what’s a mammogram?” I asked. After she explained what it was, I asked if she had had one yet? She said that they were for women over 40, and that we didn’t have a history of breast cancer in our family, so there was no reason to get one yet….. For the past year, we had been praying for some of my friends mom’s because they had been fighting breast cancer, and I knew a little about what was going on, so I told my mom, something she probably didn’t WANT to hear…..

“MOM. Will you PLEASE have one?? Sometimes you look 40.”

                After a few weeks, I had to remind her again….. “Mom, have you gone for your mammogram?” I must have touched a cord, because she scheduled one right away as her Mother’s Day gift to herself.

                On May 22, 2014, my mom heard the words nobody wants to hear “ You have breast cancer.”  I was only 11, my sister Josie was only 1. Watching her try to explain what was happening to her, to us, to our family was even harder than hearing those words herself. She got her mastectomy and chemotherapy really quickly, and was in remission.

                Four months later, we got news that the cancer had returned and was even more aggressive. Triple Negative Breast cancer is no joke, but I will never, ever, ever stop fighting. I am making it my personal mission to work with Komen Evansville to help them support finding the cures and help other moms and families in the area who are fighting this disease. I remember what my mom said about not having a family history of breast cancer….. well, now Josie, my sister DOES.

I know my Mom can beat this again, but until a cure is found, this will not be over for me. I have a little sister that may need a cure someday.

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