I am the Son – Robert

I am the Son Robert

As a 10 year old boy, my mom was everything to me. She was meant to be my mother…. She loved nothing more than being MY MOM….She was involved, she was present, she was strong. She knew that all these experiences; chemotherapy, numerous surgeries, rehab, etc. could be scary for a little guy like myself, so mom always made sure to make our time fun and memorable. I think deep down she knew that making the best of the moments we had, would allow us to have more memories in the future.

                Her fight was long. Her fight was hard. My mom was a fighter…. She never showed her weakness, even though she was suffering. I will always remember her determination to make it to my High School graduation just weeks after having a fist size tumor removed from her brain. Nothing would stop her from being there for her baby.

                Nothing could keep her down though. Even after 2 breast surgeries, a hip replacement, knee replacement, all due to her cancer spreading, we took on White Water Rafting together….she was so determined to make the best life possible for us both. And even when her long fight was coming to an end, she was there, in her living room, watching me marry the woman of my dreams, only 3 days before she passed away. She was always the most selfless individual who always put her love for me before anything else, and I am blessed to have known that type of love.

                My mother may have passed away, and will never know her granddaughter, but that doesn’t mean I am done fighting.  I will continue to fight to honor my mom’s memory. I will continue to fight so that other families don’t have to suffer through this horrible disease like we did. I will continue to fight so that my daughter can learn about the grandmother that she will never know…. And I will NEVER stop fighting so my daughter never has to worry about losing her mother like I did…. Or worse…. Have to battle this disease herself.

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