I am the Wife

I am the Wife Susie

He proposed all those years ago. I was the happiest girl in the world, looking forward to the fairy tale with my knight in shining armor. A house, a car, some kids, maybe a dog….. wouldn’t that be lovely? Our life was full of wonder and excitement. I could have never imagined what was in store for us when I walked down the aisle that July day 36 years ago.

                The days went by, our children grew. There were sports, and school, and vacations, and family dinners. The days went by, day by day, and we were happy. We were blessed. We watched our family grow, we made great friendships in our community, life was GOOD. Graduations, wedding and three grandchildren followed. We were looking forward to the future, to retirement, to checking things off our bucket list…….then something happened.

                Early in 2009, Ed came to me one evening, and showed me a lump in his breast. I brushed him off. “It’s probably nothing, honey. Next time you have your yearly physical, just have the doctor check it out.” Fortunately, I married one of those men who doesn’t listen to EVERYTHING I say. Ed went immediately to his doctor and had that lump checked right away. When we sat in the office and heard those words….. “Ed, you have Breast Cancer,” our world stopped.

                Luckily, Ed caught his cancer early. Thanks to early detection, taking a proactive role in his health….. and not being embarrassed to talk to his doctor, my husband is with us today.  The happiest days of my life have been with this man, and the day we learned that his cancer was gone was one of the most joyful times that I can remember. Throughout our journey, I was committed to being the positive attitude when things were dark and scary. I was committed to lifting him up physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was committed to this fight.

                Our fight is never over. I need everyone to know that breast cancer isn’t just for women. I fight for my children, I fight for my grandchildren, I fight for my Husband, I fight for our FUTURE. Early detection and knowing the normal for you is what will save your life. If you see something, get it checked, It will save your life. 

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