Volunteer Spotlight- Debbie Hagan

Debbie Hagan has been a volunteer for 18 years and has attended 16 Races!

Debbie’s Story:

“I have volunteered as a volunteer and as a chairperson of a committee. I was the survivor chair one year and also the I am the cure chair. The first couple of years that I volunteered I was on every committee that there was. I would finish up with one committee and go to the next one. Some of the people could not believe that I wanted to be on any and all committees.

The reason I wanted to volunteer is because I am a survivor and I wanted to help raise money to find a cure. I was asked to attend a race meeting by Kimberly Moman when I first transferred to Old National in Evansville and that’s how it all started. I also liked all the people that were working on the race committee and we all had fun together.

The most memorable race was a recent one. I was a 34 or 35 year survivor that year and toward the back of the line in the survivor parade. There were a couple of older ladies in the same area of the lineup and they weren’t to stable on their feet so I told them to grab a hold of me and I would escort them in the parade. We walked in the parade arm in arm and we all had big smiles on our faces for all the people to see. At the recent breakfast, I looked up one of the ladies and even though I do not know her name, I went up to her and said, I have been looking for you and she said the same back to me. I asked her if she was coming to the race and walk with me and she said she wasn’t for sure because she didn’t know if she could walk that far and of course I told her that she should be sure to come and whether she was in a wheel chair or a walker, that I would either be pushing her or walking right beside her.

I would like to say that these races mean a lot to the survivors and their families because it lets us know that we are important and that people care. We appreciate that people come out to celebrate with us that we are still here and we want to help each other get through this trial that we have. If we can lift one person’s spirit by showing them that there is a life after chemo and other treatments, our mission is accomplished.”

Thank you,

Debbie Hagan