Volunteer Spotlight- Liz Kalb

Liz has been a volunteer for 10 years and has attended every Race since 1998!

Liz’s Story:

“I got recruited to help with the Food Committee around 2007 and have stayed on since.
I have been to every Race – did the race initially and then moved to volunteering.
I have served on the Food Committee – those brave early morning folks who set up the food chute and lug around water/ice everywhere.

My inspiration comes from Suzanne Seng, long-time friend from St. Mary’s now St. Vincent’s, lured me onto the committee and I stayed on because we have a great group to work with and despite the hard work we always have fun.

I have a family history of breast cancer and have walked the journey through the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment with friends and with patients. Some have survived and others, sadly, have not. It is an important personal cause to me. I have watched how far we have come in terms of identification and treatment and hope I live to see the day when breast cancer becomes like polio and is eradicated.

The Survivor Parade is probably the poignant and magical part of the whole race; seeing all those folks in pink walking reminds why I got up at the crack of dawn to go to work at the race.
I think of the Westside Nut Club motto: “From a little acorn, a mighty oak tree grows.” When you think about Komen, it started because of a conversation/relationship/promise between two sisters and look where it is today. For folks that think they don’t have enough people to do something, look at Komen – from a promise, there is now a very mighty oak tree.”

Liz Kalb